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Welcome to NNHS Biology ACP (611)



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Test: Biomolecules (Chapter 2) 

Important Online Textbook Access: Online Textbook



updated 10/28

(last progress report before term ends!!)


Ms. Chen's Classes: Click here to check your grades

*you will need to use your student ID as the password, if your ID starts with 1, add a 0 in front of it (should be a total of 8 digit password)

General Announcement

Stop by X-Block (Monday and Thursday afternoon) in 415 if you need help, concept review, or want to prepare for the next quiz/test

Extra credit

Due Fri 10/31:

Ms. Chen loves Halloween!!! However, this year, she cannot dress up for Halloween for school (none of her costumes fits!) It's up to you to make her day!! Plan a Halloween outfit that demonstrate Biology concept VISUALLY! Now, it doesn't count if you just tape some paper with arrows showing food web and take it off!! I want this to b a real costume. Think out side of the box, turn in one sheet that explain your costume and what biology concept it illustrates. (This extra credit should take you between 1-2 hours...you know what's a thoughtful costume!!!)


  General Information
Unit 1. Science of Biology (Scientific Method /Characteristics of Life )
Unit 2. Ecology
Unit 3.  BioChemistry and Biomolecules
Unit 4.
Protein and Enzyme Reaction
Unit 5.
Microscope & Intro to Cell Types
Unit 6.
Cell Membrane and Specialization
Unit 7.
Respiration and Human Respiratory and Circulatory System 
Unit 8.
Cell Cycle, Cell Division (Did not cover Reproductive System) 
Unit 9.
DNA Structure and Replication 


Great Website: Comparing Scientific Methods and Engineering Design

New Science and Engineering Frameworks


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